creative Digital designer and developer
Salah shalby

It’s my passion to design and develop unique and custom made digital experiences. All project designs are based on the clients wishes and with UI/UX in mind. In preparation for this I do extensive research and determine a strategy for each assignment.

PHILOSOPHY "Life is about solving problems and every obstacle is the way forward."

SKILLS I create unique web applicactions from scratch without the use of any framework with Javascript, Css3, Scss, GSAP, HTML5, Netlify and Github. My designs are made in Figma with the use of Adobe tools.

DIRECTION Currently I’m expanding my skills with learning about the use of after effects, WebGL and Vue.js. My goal is to go as far as possible with mind blowing animations in webdesign.


Website design, application design, interactive design, prototyping, art direction, editorial


Do you have a project in mind, or would like to collaborate on a project? I'm always open to new opportunities.